'New tailor-made biopolymers produced from lignocellulosic sugars waste for highly demanding fire-resistant applications'

Recent Advances in Plastic Products: Nanotechnology and Sustainable Materials.

AIMPLAS, Plastic Technological Institute of Valencia, has developed since 2000 more than 50 international projects in different programs. Among other lines AIMPLAS will present in EUROTEC 2013 the results of the projects applied to the market related with different technologies as conducting polymers applied to the injection process (POLICOND), development of new materials in the automotive (PEGASUS), use of renewable materials applied to automotive, electrical and packaging (BUGWORKERS, PHBOTTLE, BREAD-4PLA) and the use of recycled materials for new applications (POLIMIX).

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» Author: García-Navarro, S. (AIMPLAS).

» Reference: Eurotec 2013 (?.2013.Lyon)

» Publication Date: 04/07/2013

» Source: García-Navarro, S. (AIMPLAS).

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration