'New tailor-made biopolymers produced from lignocellulosic sugars waste for highly demanding fire-resistant applications'

Plastics - Declaration of the bio-based carbon content

This Technical Specification provides requirements for the declaration, including statements and labels, of the bio-based carbon content of items, such as polymers, plastic materials, semi-finished plastic products and finished plastic products, including composites.NOTE 1 This document does not override, or in any way change, legally required environmental information, claims or labelling, or any other applicable legal requirements.NOTE 2 This document addresses the bio-based content of plastic items, expressed as a fraction of the total organic carbon content. The declaration of biomass content, i.e. the total amount of raw materials of biogenic origin contained in a plastics item, expressed as a percentage of the total mass, is out of scope of this document, as there is currently no well established method to determine the biomass content of polymers or plastics materials.NOTE 3 Since bio-based polymers can be biodegradable or non-biodegradable, and the origin of the materials renewable or non-renewable, (see CEN/TR 15932), the declaration of the bio-based carbon content is not an indication of the biodegradability of an item.

» Code: CEN/TS 16295:2012

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