'New tailor-made biopolymers produced from lignocellulosic sugars waste for highly demanding fire-resistant applications'

French SME specialized in producing bioplastic compounds is looking for processors

Fecha límite: DEC/10/2016

The French SME is specialized in the development of formulations and production of bioplastics compounds with specific properties in partnership with a research and development platform.
The company offers itself as a raw material supplier for companies wishing to process the bioplastic for their own applications or products under distribution service agreements.

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The French company is specializing in the production of a wide range of bioplastics in the form of biobased and biodegradable compounds. Those compounds are used in the plastics industry - particularly for extrusion, calendering, thermoforming and injection - and meet the requirements of the conventional processing techniques.

This human sized organization is supplier and customer-oriented.

The company collaborates with a local research center specialized in biomaterials which facilitates the improvement of formulations and the development of new formulations according to customers' requirements. This allows to adapt the bioplastics to a wide range of applications.

The company offers four ranges of bioplastics delivered as bioplastics granules or flour.These bio-sourced plastics can be processed to fit a wide range of applications :

- Horticulture: (pots…)
- Pieces of equipment (wedge…)
- Housewares (cutlery, trays…)
- Furniture
- Construction
- Restoration...

The company will act as a raw material supplier for companies wishing to process the bioplastic for their own applications or products, under distribution agreement. The company is therefore targeting enterprises interested in buying the proposed bioplastic coumpounds for transformation into their own end products.

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- Specific area of activity of the partner: The French company is looking for plastic processors interested in developing bio sourced plastic products and willing to buy the company’s biobased compounds.

Advantages & innovations:

The company’s know-how in terms of bioplastics formulation ranges is based on its expertise in R&D when adding a vegetable filler in a polymer matrix generally biosourced, while mastering the many interactions' constraints between these two components.

This expertise allows the company to offer original native plant-based fibers or flour from whole grains formulations. Several references are also biodegradable as there are biobased in whole or in part.

Moreover, the formulations usually developed allow the use of recycled PLA (Polylactic Acid).

The references of compounds available in its catalog and custom made, are ideally suited to processing methods common in plastics industry: i.e. injection molding, calendaring, thermoforming ...

In addition, bioplastics marketed offer guarantees in terms of technical and environmental performances, evaluated from LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) results:
- Rigidity
- Elongation equivalent to PS (Polystyrene)
- Biodegradability according to NF EN 13432 standard
- Contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gases
- Energy saving during the production phase vs. PP (Polypropylene) and PE (Polyethylene)
- Use of recycled PLA (Polylactic Acid).

Several references of the company’s compounds are certified OK Compost® and/or OK Biobased® by AIB Vinçotte.

Development Stage:

Already on the market


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This project has received funding from the European Unionís Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration