'New tailor-made biopolymers produced from lignocellulosic sugars waste for highly demanding fire-resistant applications'


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  Spray-on biodegradable polymer could replace sutures
  Investments rise in global PHA market as consumption estimated at CAGR of 27.7% till 2018
  New templates for flax and hemp
  LSU AgCenter Explores Ways to Derive Biodegradable Plastics from Sugar Byproduct
  New class of industrial polymers
  Plastic components made from fermented agricultural residues / Compounds produced based on PHB / Applications in electronics / EU-funded project
  The European Project NATURTRUCK develops biocomposites for the internal parts of trucks
  European Project ECOplast Develops Nanoclay-Reinforced Bioplastic
  First new polymers discovered in 20 years, Ninja polymers safely destroy bacteria
  Celanese Showcases Fortron® PPS for Under-Hood Automotive Applications
  Biobased Performance Materials program secures 4 more years of funding  
  Plastics - Guidance on the assessment of the fire characteristics and fire performance of fibre-reinforced polymer composites (ISO 25762:2009)
  Plastics - Smoke generation - Part 2: Determination of optical density by a single-chamber test (ISO 5659-2:2012)
  Temporary bio-sourced road paint
  100% bio-based polymer derived from PLA (poly(lactic acid)) with enhanced mechanical properties
  Innovative technology for manufacturing honeycomb building and finishing materials made of natural bamboo
  Biodegradable polymers—an overview (pages 427–435)
  Polylactides—an overview (pages 436–447)
  Structure and properties of biodegradable carboxymethyl cellulose films containing silver nanoparticles
  Thermomechanical properties and rheological behavior of biodegradable composites (pages 1140–1149)
  Effects of Kenaf core on properties of poly(lactic acid) bio‐composite (pages 1220–1227)
  Study of the silane modification of magnesium hydroxide and their effects on the flame retardant and tensile properties of high density polyethylene nanocomposites (pages 1060–1069)
  Mechanical and flame resistant properties of polycarbonate‐carbon nanotubes‐ochre composites (pages 1289–1299)
  Blends of poly(d,l‐lactide) with polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxanes‐based biodegradable polyester: Synthesis, morphology, miscibility, and mechanical property (pages 9341–9348)
  Mechanical properties of PLA/PBS foamed composites reinforced by organophilic montmorillonite (pages 9319–9326)
  Thermal degradation kinetics, mechanical, and flame retardant properties of epoxy‐HDPE fabric‐clay composite laminates (pages 9137–9143)
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