'New tailor-made biopolymers produced from lignocellulosic sugars waste for highly demanding fire-resistant applications'


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  Research and Markets: Global Automotive Plastics Industry 2014-2019: Trend, Forecast, and Opportunity Analysis
  A first for flax
  Biobased plastics drive interest in China
  Novel Tooling, New Materials Highlight Thermoplastic Composite Advances
  A bio-composite made up of totally renewable and biodegradable components
  Automotive composite project develops racecar suspension components
  New high-strength 100% biocomposite with modulus above 6 GPa 
  Technical Fibre Products to double production capacity
  SCIGRIP launches enhanced MMA adhesive with increased thermal resistance
  New Reinforcements for Lightweight Automotive Solutions
  New range of carbon reinforcements for automotive and aerospace
  Plant-based building materials may boost energy savings
  Biodegradable plastics made of natural ingredients
  Applied research and development using renewable raw materials for bio-based plastics
  Production of biodegradable polyesters via enzymatic polymerization and solid state finishing
  “True” biocomposites with biopolyesters and date seed powder: Mechanical, thermal, and degradation properties
  Preparation of a chitosan‐based flame‐retardant synergist and its application in flame‐retardant polypropylene
  Roles of organic intercalation agent with flame retardant groups in montmorillonite (MMT) in properties of polypropylene composites (pages 872–880)
  Water resistance, thermal stability, and flame retardation of polypropylene composites containing a novel ammonium polyphosphate microencapsulated by UV‐curable epoxy acrylate resin (pages 861–871)
  Electrical insulation performance of flame retardant fillers filled with polypropylene/ethylene propylene diene monomer composites (pages 784–790)
  Thermoplastic composites of polyamide‐12 reinforced by cellulose nanofibers with cationic surface modification
  An intumescent flame retardant polypropylene system with simultaneously improved flame retardancy and water resistance
  Effects of carbon nanotubes and carbon fiber reinforcements on thermal conductivity and ablation properties of carbon/phenolic composites
  TG/FT?IR/MS study on thermal decomposition of polypropylene/biomass composites
  Sunflower-oil biodiesel-oligoesters/polylactide blends: Plasticizing effect and ageing
  Composites with hemp reinforcement and bio-based epoxy matrix
  Mechanical and thermal properties of thermoplastic polyurethane‐toughened polylactide‐based nanocomposites (pages 1744–1757)
  Blends of high density polyethylene and poly(l‐lactic acid): Mechanical and thermal properties (pages 2155–2160)
  Bio‐composites for structural applications: Poly‐l‐lactide reinforced with long sisal fiber bundles
  Flame retardance and origin of bismaleimide resin composites with green and efficient aluminum phosphates
  Materials prepared from biopolyethylene and curaua fibers: Composites from biomass
  Influence of biodegradable materials in the recycled polystyrene
  A novel photodegradable and biodegradable thermoplastic blends
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